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„This is a truly beautiful experience.

It‘s so much more than a massage, I really feel much lighter and happier. Thank you for rebalancing me, time and time again!“

– Liz Sharma, Entrepreneur, UK

„With no doubt, THE BEST experience i have ever had with Shiatsu. Mind & body, unique experience. Pure Magic!"

– Sofia Freudenthal, Ceramicist, Portugal

„Wow! The massage was a beautiful experience. The combination of shiatsu massage, Thai yoga massage techniques and essential oils was wonderful. Deep in the tissue but also with softness. lea really tunes in with you and listens to the body. Highly recommended to experience a massage with this lovely lady!"

– Annemarie, Yogateacher & Masseuse, the Netherlands

„Lea has the unique gift to touch you beyond the skin and bring you healing at the deepest level. If you are lucky enough to book a Xiboa massage, get ready for being surprised by Lea's caring presence and her mastery of different massage techniques. Looking forward to my next one!"

– Enrico Borghetto, Professor, Italy

„1st time, and definitely not the last one: it is a true moment of "let it go" and connection to yourself at the same time. I felt empowered to believe in my own energy, and comfortable enough to be more sensitive about my environment. Also, Lea makes it beautiful: all the atmosphere and the conversation are smart, comfy and make you feel goood!"

– Chloé Gastine, France

„Lea was amazing! She did what know one else could do! I feel better than I’ve felt in years! I’m 54, and feel 20 again!!! She also helped me release anger I’ve been holding for decades! Do not even hesitate to book with her! You will not regret it!"

– Beardslee Wendy, USA

„This is not a massage, friends, this is a flight into space. At some point, I was not quite aware of what was happening, where my body begins and where it ends. The main thing is to give up at first, trust in her careful Hands and just be, just flow, become as clear and refreshing as Lea. The healing of the body is the healing of the soul. I highly recommend trying this wonderful experience. I wish you more magic in your life!"

– Xenia, stylist, Russia

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