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„This is a truly beautiful experience.

It‘s so much more than a massage, I really feel much lighter and happier. Thank you for rebalancing me, time and time again!“

– Liz Sharma, Lisbon

„With no doubt, THE BEST experience i have ever had with Shiatsu. Mind & body unique experience. Pure Magic!"

– Sofia Freudenthal, Lisbon

„I had one of the most beautiful experiences. I’ve never had Shiatsu before, but regularly have massages every few days. And Wow this was next level. Lea moved with me as if we were dancing and co-collaborating, however with absolutely no effort, my body was totally relaxed. Definitely recommend Lea.!"

– Freya Savage, Bali

„The treatment I received from Lea was incredible. It’s like she knew how to listen to my body. It’s like she connected into my body’s hardships. Her knowledge intertwined with her remarkable talent into a product I just wish to buy over and over again.
It’s one of those experiences that felt 100%. Lea knows patience, mindfulness and she apply her magic into her practice. I only had one session unfortunately and hoping to visit again when I’m around To get my next one"

– Liran Jakob Rosenfeld, Costa Rica

„Lea  is a kind and loving soul.
Her experience and enthusiasm is felt throughout the practice. So many little tight areas she was able to tend to and finally release. Highly recommended!"

– KP Jackson, London

„I've experienced many types of bodywork and am trained myself, and was still deeply impressed by Lea's Zen Shiatsu and how experienced and aligned her practice is.!"

– Jeremy Sevenseas, Portugal

„Wow! The massage was a beautiful experience. The combination of shiatsu massage, Thai yoga massage techniques and essential oils was wonderful. Deep in the tissue but also with softness. lea really tunes in with you and listens to the body. Highly recommended to experience a massage with this lovely lady!"

– Annemarie de Vooght, the Netherlands
Yoga teacher & Masseuse

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