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As XIBOA, I have produced or co-organized different events in Berlin, Lisbon, Mallorca, Vila Nova de Milfontes and other beautiful places.


RETREATS – Within a collective of other body workers, I co-hosted an "Exchange Retreat" that was based on the idea to give and share our diverse knowledge and exchange guided workshops and experiences related to our work field, to inspire and learn from each other. The first edition was held in Sintra, Portugal in October 2018,  by the collective.
Watch video below...


MASSAGE SHALAS – A shared, open space where different massage therapists work together, at the same time. As a community concept, it was formed in the interest to spread the benefits of bodywork and healing touch through a monthly event to receive massages at accessible prices.

Dates: April - September 2019, Lisbon
More info & registration here...

WORKSHOPS – I teach groups the basics of how to give a healing touch, explaining the main benefits of Zen Shiatsu paired with some elements of traditional Chinese medicine methods, Zen philosophy and Chi-Flow exercises. A workshop can be offered as a part of a bigger event (retreat, festival) or as a solitary workshop for one or two days. If you're interested in participating or hosting a workshop, please contact me.

ART PERFORMANCES – A different way of expressing the depth of my work as a massage therapist is the translation into an artistic performance. Massage, the art of touch as human interaction becomes visual through color, movement, breath and ritual expression on trees and other natural objects.

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