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Lea Mirbach

Zen Shiatsu practitioner for health, wellbeing & personality support

In summer 2016, I decided to learn Shiatsu at the Institut für Harmonische Bewegung in Berlin, where Jochen Knau, who teaches Shiatsu and Aikido for almost 20 years and is a member of the

DGAM (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Alternative Medizin).

In 2017, I graduated as 

“Practitioner of Zen Shiatsu – for health, wellbeing & personality support” and continue studying to deepen my knowledge.


I have worked as a practitioner in Berlin, Mallorca, Lisbon, Sintra, Alentejo and other beautiful places since 2016. I've given Zen Shiatsu massages and Chi-Flow classes at my studio, at co-working spaces, retreats and wellbeing-events. I feel a fulfillment in creating a deeper awareness of our own body, the chi that flows through it and the possibility to balance and sensitizing it for our wellbeing and healthy living.


I co-organize holistic bodywork events and retreats within a collective of other body workers.
The first exchange-retreat by the collective was held in Sintra, Portugal in October 2018, where we shared our diverse knowledge and exchanged guided workshops and experiences related to our work field, to inspire and learn from each other. –


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