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Lea Mirbach

Zen Shiatsu practitioner for health, wellbeing & personality support

In summer 2016 I met Jochen Knau, who teaches Zen-Shiatsu, Chi-Concept and Aikido at his Institute in Berlin for almost 20 years. When I decided to learn Shiatsu with him, my life changed for good. One year later, I had learned a lot and graduated as a “Health Practitioner of Zen Shiatsu – for wellbeing & personality support”.


In the process of leaning Shiatsu, learning about Zen philosophy and also more about myself, I decided to move from Berlin to Lisbon in March 2017.
Since then, I offer private Zen Shiatsu massages at my home studio, at offices or in nature – sometimes at events or festivals. I also give workshops or classes of 
Chi Flow.


I co-organize holistic bodywork events and retreats within a collective of other body workers.
The first exchange-retreat by the collective was held in Sintra, Portugal in October 2018, where we shared our diverse knowledge and exchanged guided workshops and experiences related to our work field, to inspire and learn from each other. –


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